What are the features of Twib?

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TWIB: Sales Tracking Software

TWIB is a comprehensive sales tracking software designed to streamline and enhance sales operations. Key features include:

  1. GPS Tracking: Monitors the location of sales personnel to ensure efficient route planning and accountability.
  2. Attendance Management: Tracks employee attendance, including check-in and check-out times.
  3. Check-In/Check-Out Reports: Generates detailed reports on employee check-ins and check-outs for better tracking and management.
  4. Tour Management: Manages and monitors sales tours, ensuring optimal scheduling and productivity.
  5. Leave Management: Handles employee leave requests and approvals, maintaining accurate records for payroll processing.
  6. Payroll Features: Includes various payroll functionalities to manage employee compensation efficiently.
  7. Order Management: Tracks orders from initiation to fulfillment, ensuring smooth processing and customer satisfaction.
  8. Sample Management: Manages the distribution and tracking of product samples.
  9. Collection Management: Oversees the collection of payments from clients, maintaining clear records and facilitating timely collections.
  10. Expense Management: Manages and tracks expenses, ensuring accurate reporting and reimbursement.
  11. Offline Reporting System: Allows users to report and access information even without an internet connection, ensuring continuous productivity.
  12. Task Management: Organizes and assigns tasks, tracking progress to ensure timely completion.
  13. Map-Based Check-Ins: Provides a visual representation of check-in locations on a map for better tracking and management of field activities.

TWIB integrates these features to provide a robust solution for managing sales teams, optimizing their performance, and ensuring efficient operations across various aspects of sales management.

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