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Company registration:

One can visit or download the app from play store and register their company.

  • During Registration Email Address/Mobile number entered is used as username while login or for changing password.
  • Company panel can be accessed from both web and mobile devices.
  • Register your company with the necessary required information
  • Verify your email
  • Select package according to the facilities you want
  • Select number of employees and select the payment medium
  • Go for the payment for paid packages
  • Fill the necessary information
  • Once your payment is done you will be directed to the dashboard
  • If you are a free package user, you will not be charged anything but you will have restrictions according to package.

Add user:

Users cannot register themselves, they need to ask the company to add them. Company can add their user by filling up a user registration form.

  • Go to manage work from option
  • Add your user by filling the necessary fields up there, you can set passwords for your users/employees.
  • You can also add users being on the dashboard. Simply scroll down until you see the “User” section. Tap on the (+) button to add users.

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